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It is undeniable that the worsening environment has become the biggest concern of the present-day world. Land resources are dwindling because of water loss and soil erosion. Waste gases poison the air we breathe. The rivers and lakes are polluted by waste dumped in them from factories. It is probably no exaggeration to say that deterioration of the quality of the environment threatens the existence of mankind itself.

Some people are of the opinion that the environmental problem is the price we have to pay for economic development. But I do not think that this argument is valid. After all, what is the point of economic growth if people's lives are adversely alfected by worsening environmental pollution ?

不可否认环境恶化已成为当今世界最大的问题。土地资源在不断减少,因为水土流失。废气污染着我们呼吸的空气。河流和湖泊被工厂的 倒出来的废弃物所污染。这可以毫不夸张地说,环境质量的恶化威胁着人类的生存。



Many people are active in fighting against unfair treatment to colored people, women , animals and so on. Right now I am talking about fighting for respect to our environment. Though the environment doesn’t have a mouth to deprecate what humans have done to her, she retaliates through action.

In the early years the Chinese cut down large quantities of trees, at the source of the yellow river, which led to the disappearance of big forests and terrible floods. As a result,the Huangtu plateau which was once covered with grass and forests was turned into barrens that supported fewer plants. Another example was in several developed countries. Because many chemical factories discharged poisonous gas without filtering it, cities were covered with so much poisonous gas that people were killed by the air they breathed in. What horrible scene!

What we are suffering is only a small part of what the nature once suffered. If we don’t take action to show respect to the environment, we will have to face an increasingly awful situation.

Measures should be taken to protect the environment on which we are relying. First governments should forbid destroying vegetation, rivers and lakes, oceans, as and the atmosphere as well. Second voices should be made to announce the public of the importance of protecting the environment. Third enterprises should pay special attention to the effect they have on the environment and work out solutions for the problems.

Only by changing the way we treat the environment can we get along well with it. Only by saving the environment can we save ourselves.







I looked up and desire of the sky, I found the sky covered with dark clouds. A look again carefully turned out to be a mist from the gas company. I suddenly felt the end of the earth. I have a feeling if we are like this, you don't die at the end of the air will be tortured to death. We are the environmental protection.

There are several areas because of the destruction of the environment, and killed one by one. Have been smoked die, haven't pollution ate some food poisoning death. When I think about those affected by the environment and the dead, I can't help shedding tears. Animal I have ever seen and there have been a kind of a die. Remember once again. I was on the grass, suddenly saw a mouse fell into the sewage, that is from the factory of the sewage, the little mouse desperately struggling. But in the end also were killed. I shed tears again. I said ah! And there is a small animal in the world is dead.

Although I only see one day, an animal. But one year is 356 people or small animals. The importance of environmental protection, since the whole world with environment to fight and die one by one, since environmental protection so important to us and let us act together with their efforts for the fresh air.





Air pollution is one of the major problems of the modern world. A great deal of energy is needed to run the factories of modern industrial nations.


Automobile, trains, planes and busses need energy, too. Nearly all of this energy is produced by burning fuels. The burning produces wastes, some of which remain in the air, causing air pollution.


Scientists are finding ways to stop air pollution especially in big industrial areas and densely-populated cities.


They are studying new ways of generating electricity that may be less damaging to the environment. In the meantime, many power plants are being modernized to give off less polluted material.


Also, engineers try to design and locate new power plants to do minimum damage to the environment. However, it may be that we still have a long way to go before we have a "clean" world. Nearly all of the countries are trying hard to prevent and control air pollution.


There indeed seems to be no end to tasks that environmentalists will be required to do. People will continually find new ways to control pollution.