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How to Keep Psychologically Healthy?eOI文学天地网

Nowadays more and more people are concerned about mental health issue. It is reported that the number of people committing suicide is on the rise. Many of them committed suicide just because of some little frustration such as failing an exam. If they had paid more attention to their mental health, they might not have reacted in such an extreme way.eOI文学天地网

How to keep ourselves psychologically healthy? First, we should adjust ourselves to the new conditions. When we go to a university as freshmen, or go to work in a strange city, we may become nervous because everything is so unfamiliar. The only way out is to adjust ourselves to the new conditions and shake off the anxiety quickly. Second, we should know our-selves well and admit that we are just ordinary people. Knowing that ordinary people may not be good at everything, we can easily accept some small failures in our lives. Third, we should try to share our feelings with friends. By doing this, we are assured that any difficulty can be solved since we are not alone.eOI文学天地网

It is very important for us to be psychologically healthy, and we should pay more attention to our mental health.eOI文学天地网

专四英语作文 篇2

A Major Advantage/Disadvantage of the Information AgeeOI文学天地网

As everyone knows, the information age has brought us countless benefits, but when it comes to its major advantage, people may hold different views. As for me, the major advantage of the Information Age is that it makes it easy for individuals to have instant access to all kinds of information. In the past, for instance, if a student was meant to compose a thesis, he was supposed to bury himself in piles of books in the library, and probably after several days’ or even several months’ searching, he still could not find the materials he wanted. But now it is a totally different story. The advanced techniques of the information age have spared us all those troubles. What we need to do is just sit in front of the computer and search for our target information on the Internet rather than struggle painfully in numerous books. More excitingly, we don’t have to waste several days or even months waiting. Usually the information we need will be transferred to us in seconds. The information age can not only bring convenience to students in searching of materials, but also help people in all walks of life, save their energy and enhance their efficiency. Now since we’re in an economy based around the manipulation of information, I have every reason to believe that this advantage of the information age will play an even greater role in the future.eOI文学天地网

专四英语作文 篇3

Crisis is to our life what illness is to our body. Just as fatal disease can destroy our body and sometimes even put an end to our lives, so does smashing crisis knock us down so hopelessly that we might never have chance of standing up again. However, most crises that frequent us in life are not such category. They, like occasional ailments which sometimes can bolster our bodys immune system, are mostly minor and surmountable and therefore making us hardy enough to survive whatever adversities in our later life. Even those serious crises, if handled properly, can be turned to a blessing to us, too.eOI文学天地网

As far as a nation is concerned, crisis can be rendered beneficial. Take Wenchuan earthquake which shook most of Sichuan recently for example. The crisis has cost us Chinese a lot. Houses collapsed, bridges broke down and many affected areas were cut off from the outside world. Nearly a million people lost their homes, ten thousands of people were injured and another ten thousands of people were killed. But our sufferings wont go in vain. Scientists are more determined to improve the means by which we forecast earthquakes with more accuracy. We should build houses which can survive the destructive earthquakes. And we also should better the mechanism to face the emergencies and crisis.eOI文学天地网

As for economic life, crises are not always rendered bad. During these times, we can stop the race of fast economy to speculate about some fundamental issues of humanity such as how much high-speed development in this way can contribute to the well-being of human life. Just take my own country for instance. Of course, in the past two decades or so, our economy has gained the highest speed man has experienced. But havent we paid too much? Our rivers are polluted. Our natural resources are shrinking. Our national power of creation is drained. Is it worthy of it? Isnt it high time we gave it a serious thought? Shouldnt we stop making ourselves long in quantity and short in quality? And chance of deep thought has come with this crisis, which is now deepening in most parts of the world.eOI文学天地网

Crisis sometimes contributes to our life treasure in a way that few can imagine. It can weather us and make us strong enough to face ourselves when we feel weak. Eric, my uncle is a case in point. He had hard time in his childhood going through such a fatal disease that he had never thought he could survive. He was in due course saved by doctors. Ever since then he regarded his life as a second given by God and has been so grateful to the world that he has been doing whatever he can to give back in the same measure to other fellows. And now he is living a happy and successful life.eOI文学天地网

As a well-known ancient Chinese notion goes, the past lessons if not forgotten can be good teachers for us all. If we can bear in mind the various sufferings and ordeals we have experienced, then our sufferings will not go unrewarded and those of our compatriots who was killed in the earthquake did not die in vain. We should take the lessons from crisis and regard them as a chance for new growth.eOI文学天地网

专四英语作文 篇4

Buying or Borrowing Books?eOI文学天地网

Books are close friends of humanity. They can arm us with knowledge and information we need to make success of life. Through books we can obtain skills and techniques for survival and development. Through books we can enlighten our spirits and live a fuller life. There are generally two ways in which we can have access to books: borrowing or buying. While millions are borrowing books, I still think buying them best suits me and gives me the greatest enjoyment.eOI文学天地网

Admittedly, there are a few merits for borrowing books. For one thing, borrowing books can save us huge amounts of money. And of course, with the money saved we can do other more worthy things .And also, as we borrow books from the library and friends, we normally have deadline to finish them, and consequently we can read more books in a limited time. And we can, above all, better our efficiency of our reading, just as a famous Chinese saying goes, “books can not be read unless borrowed.”eOI文学天地网

However, some advantages for buying books are more obvious and compelling. One of them, definitely not shared by the choice of borrowing books, is the abundance of freedom that buying books can offer us. Since we can keep the books as long as we wish, we can read as much as we want. Another strength of owing books is that we can take whatever notes on the margin of the pages of the books. And finally, the process of selecting and keeping books can be a great fun that borrowing books can by no means offer.eOI文学天地网

While borrowing books can, to some extent, quench our thirst for knowledge, buying books gives us greater pleasure of selecting and keeping the best of the world treasure. Can we think of any thing else more delightful and rewarding?eOI文学天地网

专四英语作文 篇5

I have a big bedroom.Welcome to my bedroom.eOI文学天地网

As soon as you come into my bedroom you can see a picture of my bedroom. It's very beautiful.Then turnning right,you can see a bed of two people.Of couse only I sleep on it.It's brown.Brown makes me to sleep well.So everyday I sleep immediately.My bookcase is next my bed.It is blue.I like blue very much.eOI文学天地网

There are many books in my bookcase.The books are very interesting.There is a piano in the corner of my bedroom.It's very expensiveand nice.I can ply the piano very well.So if I study too tired,I can play the piano.My desk is next my piano.It is blue too.There is a book and some other things on it.There is a big wardrobe near the door.It's pink.There is a big mirror in it.All of my clothes are in it.eOI文学天地网

I like my bedroom.I think you like my bedroom too.eOI文学天地网

专四英语作文 篇6

When students are going to high school, they are under great pressure,because their main goal is to enter the college, so they need to work so hard.eOI文学天地网

The school will test them so often that they want to get the best scores.Cheating on the exams is many students’ choice, as they could not do well on theexam, so they want to find the confidence by getting the high marks. Otherstudents even buy the exam answers, what they do is totally wrong. Frist, itwill cost students a lot of money on buying the answer, it refers to spend theirparents’ money, it is not easy to earn money. Second, the answers that studentsbuy are not accurate all the time, most of the answers are wrong, students areeasy to get cheated.eOI文学天地网

Students should work hard to improve their study.eOI文学天地网

专四英语作文 篇7

In my family, there are only three people, my parents and I because of myparents’ work, they could only have one child at that time, so I don’t have anysiblings.eOI文学天地网

I felt so lonely when my parents went out for their work. Now thegovernment changed their policy, people can have the second child. But somepeople refuse because they think they can’t afford it. Despite the expense,there are many advantages to have the second child. For one thing, the onlychild can have someone company, so they won’t feel lonely on the process ofgrowing up. For another thing, two kids will help each other, they can sharethings together.eOI文学天地网

Learning to share things is a very important lesson forchildren. In Chinese tradition, more kids, more better, but I think two areperfect for the family.eOI文学天地网

专四英语作文 篇8

I’m going to the sun on my holiday.eOI文学天地网

I will go there by a spaceship. I will take a big blue spaceship。then I’ll pilot the spaceship to the sun. the sun is very hot. So I put on the super-shirt. In the morning, I will have some sun burger for my breakfast.At eight o’clock, I will play with my friends there. they are super dog and super girl. Super dog is white and black. Super girl is very clever. Super girl and super dog like to play with me. So I play with them for forty minutes. then I do my homework in my little red room on a small blue table. After my home work, I will have my lunch. I will eat sun salad. I will make some red toy bear to the sun babies. I will have red juice, red fish and red rice. All the things are red. then I need a lot of water on the sun because the sun is too hot. So I will walk to the spaceship.eOI文学天地网

I’ll pilot the spaceship to the earth.eOI文学天地网

专四英语作文 篇9

The main content of American culture is the emphasize on individuals' value,the pursue of democracy and freedom,the promotion of deploitation and competition and the need of realistic and practicality.Its core is individualism:self first,personal need first,pursue of individual benefit and enjoyment,emphasize on achieving individual value by self-strive and self-design.eOI文学天地网

This type of intentionally build up of personality and pursue customized individualism has its pros and cons,it gives incentives to people and make them exert on their potential and wisdom and as a result accelerate the development of the entire race and nation; on the other hand it is difficult to keep good relationship among people if everyone is egocentric thus make the entire society lack of unity.eOI文学天地网

专四英语作文 篇10

Books are our best friends And when we come across difficulties, we often turn to them for helpeOI文学天地网


However, not all the books are worth reading While some books are too simple or too difficult, others are not interesting enougheOI文学天地网


So, it is important to make the wise use of books The books that give us knowledge which we can not learn in the class, the books give us pleasures and the books which remain us do not forget the pasteOI文学天地网


专四英语作文 篇11

All say "spring rain your such as oil", but this year the rain came so frequently. After the Spring Festival for several field of rain, to wake the sleeping winter.eOI文学天地网

Sky gradually dim down, the earth on a layer of gauze shade, a large black cumulus cloud cover in people’s heads.eOI文学天地网

Rain, drop, drop or two, three drops… "Elf" one by one down in succession, they landed on the roof, "PI PI" sound, like calling on "cumulonimbus big bus" sisters down to play a game? My sisters has been reluctant to come down, naughty "elves" played the "board" on the roof. They slip from a rooftop to the ground, "with a swish with a swish" voice, singing the first symphony of springeOI文学天地网

专四英语作文 篇12

As the saying that it is never too late to learn, people are advocated tolearn all their lives. Today the world is changing fast, if we get satisfied andstop to improve ourselves, then we will be kicked out soon, so self-improvementare in need of. Reading is the most effective way to get improved. Books provideus all kinds of knowledge, we can know better about the world and make ourselvesthe smart persons. Another way is to go to the gym.eOI文学天地网

Doing exercise not onlymakes us look perfect, but also helps us live the healthy lifestyle. So manypeople work in the office and don't have the time to exercise, so they get sickeasily. Only the strong body can make people live well. Reading and takingexercise are the best ways to get self-improvement, it also cost less.eOI文学天地网

专四英语作文 篇13

Learning English takes time so if we want to learn it well, we should spendmuch time practicing using English every day. Besides, we should listen to theteacher and take notes carefully in class. Go over what is learnt regularly andfinish doing our homework carefully.eOI文学天地网

If we have time,we'd better isten toEnglish radio programmes, read English stories and newspapers, watch Englishfilms and TV programmes ,keep a diary in English . If we make mistakes, correctthem at once and try not to make the same mistakes. What's more, we should lookup new words in the dictionary before class and prepare each lesson carefullybefore class. I believe if we work hard and have good ways of learning English,we will learn English well.eOI文学天地网

专四英语作文 篇14

Goethe said that reading a good book is like talking to a noble person, butwhen I was a kid, I had a headache when I saw the book.eOI文学天地网

As I grew older, I remember that when I was in the first or second grade, Icouldn’t write because of the composition and made up a mess. I lost 5 or 6points. My mother was also troubled by this. I was also very upset. There aremany things I don’t know, and I like to read more and more. I watched "AndersensFairy Tales", "Five Heroes of Langya Mountain", "Green Fairy Tales", "TwentyThousand Miles Under the Sea", etc. I was deeply intoxicated In the ocean ofbooks, my composition is getting less and less, and my parents are very happy for me.eOI文学天地网

Once, I saw Mai Xiaoduo, who was changing, and it made me laugh, until Iheard my mother enter my room for dinner.eOI文学天地网

专四英语作文 篇15

It is well-known that smoke is bad for our health. But there are still manypeople addicted to it and find it hard to quit. It is a problem make many peopleconfused. For this, I have some suggestions. Firstly, you have to aware thedisadvantages of smoke. If you don’t aware this, you won’t have the mind to doit. Then what you need is a strong mind. There is a saying,” Nothing in theworld is difficult for one who sets his mind on it.” So, a strong mind isimportant.eOI文学天地网

What’s more, I have warm tips. If you really want to smoke, you canhave a chew gum instead of smoke. After a while, your desire to smoke will befade away gradually. Last, give yourself some awards. When you find yourselfmake some progress, you can give yourself some awards. It is good. Hope you cangive up smoke successfully.eOI文学天地网

专四英语作文 篇16

During this period, in order to help my father lose weight, my mother and my brother made a weight loss plan for my father. Every night after dinner, our family would go to the park for two laps.eOI文学天地网

The park is very busy at night. Colorful lights, shining on the ground of the park, glittering like daylight, the center of the park is the most lively, some people skating, some people dancing, some whipping, some people walking, some people playing badminton, there are five pavilions in the park, some people playing chess in chairs, some people listening to the radio, some people sitting and relaxing, whipping. People seem to be very powerful. They hold a whip in their hands and swing it in the sky. It sounds like firecrackers, click, click and PA.eOI文学天地网

That's what happens in the evening park.eOI文学天地网

专四英语作文 篇17

Every year, when the winner of Nobel Prize in literature comes out, we willwonder why the winner is always belonging to foreigners.eOI文学天地网

Though we are proud ofour brilliant culture, we always miss this important award. Actually, Chineseliterature is also famous around the world. The four great works like Journey tothe West and A Dream in Red Mansions are known by the world. Every child inChina has learn them and they even watch the TV series. The old literature MaterSun’s Art of War is popular around foreigners. They are crazy about it and hopeto learn some skills to help them run business.eOI文学天地网

There is no doubt that Chineseliterature has great influence on the world.eOI文学天地网

It is the national treasure, and we can probe into the history and appreciate the charm.eOI文学天地网

专四英语作文 篇18

When people get sick, the first thing they will do is to go to see the doctor and then take the medicine. Taking the medicine makes them feel safe, so some will keep taking medicine every day.eOI文学天地网

Actually, no matter what kind of medicine, it is kind of poison. The news has reported that the oldest man in the world and then experts tried to find the secret of live long. They found the man lives the simple life and stay away from the city, then he barely got sick. If he caught the cold, he would not take the medicine. What’ more, the man have the food he grows and though he was old, he still kept working.eOI文学天地网

The experts came to the conclusion that the secret of living long is to keep good mood and take exercise, what else, staying away from taking medicine often.eOI文学天地网

专四英语作文 篇19

Last Sunday was unforgettable when my classmates and I went to a farm to pick up fruits.eOI文学天地网

Early in the morning, with the sun rising from the horizon, we, chatting laughing all the way, set out to our destination, which is located in the suburb of the city. On arrival, we saw a large field with a large number of trees and bushes, birds singing in the sky, butterflies flying everywhere, which are not only beautiful but also inspiring. Immediately, we started to work, picking apples, peaches and strawberries. Two hours later, with all our baskets full, we finished our job, feeling a great sense accomplishment. Exhausted as we were, we felt our time and effort worthwhile, for we had enjoyed a closer relationship with the nature.eOI文学天地网

What a memorable day it was!eOI文学天地网

专四英语作文 篇20

An ideal is like a bright light which can lead us to a right way when we are in confusion.eOI文学天地网

An ideal is like a fable which can tell us what we should do to get successful when we are in trouble.eOI文学天地网

Everyone has his or her own ideals. It is the ideal that makes their dreams come true. If a hero does not or loses his ideal, he will be an ordinary man and can only be fond of showing off his exploits he has made. Instead, if an ordinary man has an ideal and tries his best to pay attention to do something, he also can be a great man. How important the ideal is.eOI文学天地网

Maybe you has failed or lost your ideal several times but you must remember: Never gives up the goal which you want to achieve originally because of several defeats.eOI文学天地网

Hold on your ideal, one day your ideal can come true. Let us in our most beautiful time full of ideals.eOI文学天地网

专四英语作文 篇21

Before the Rio Olympic Games came, the media reported some players that caught people’s attention. There is no doubt that these players have beautiful faces, which helps them win the attention. But the more important thing is that they are not only talented, but also work very hard. The chance to take part in the Olympic Games means the players are excellent and they have stood out in their countries. If they win the golden medal in the Olympic Games, they will gain great fame and money around the world.eOI文学天地网

The beautiful face brings players the market potential, which means they will be famous easily, but on the condition that they are the top players. Mariah Sharapova is the best example. She is beautiful and top tennis player all the time. So ability decides our position on the society.eOI文学天地网

专四英语作文 篇22

Nowadays, computer has been part of our life, we use computer to study, towork and to communicate with our friends. As people count on the network so muchand they are free of everything, so they just do whatever they want.eOI文学天地网

Network provides people the new stage to show violence, they are rude and give the bad comment to other people. We call it language violence. Especially for the celebrities, they have been attacked by the rude words all the time.eOI文学天地网

A famous female star from Korea committed suicide because of the network violence. The government took some actions to supervise the network and the users must be registered with their real names.eOI文学天地网

It worked and language violence has been controlled in some way. We need to behave ourselves even without the supervision of law.eOI文学天地网



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